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CCSL, Specialty Scripts, Lists and Captioning Services
What's a specialty script?
A major part of the post production process is the creation and delivery of scripts and lists that contain the spoken dialogue of a film or television program. These scripts are used to create subtitles, closed captions, and translations and are an integral component when studios distribute movies and television programs internationally. 

The PCS staff is trained to create industry standard scripts and lists that are required by television production companies and major film studios including As Broadcast Scripts, Combined Continuity lists - CCSL, spotting lists, and dialogue lists. We have a format for each script that we can provide for you OR if you have a specific design that you need, just send us a sample, and we’ll be happy to match it or create something that meets your needs. Our completed scripts can be delivered to you by secure email attachment in .PDF or WORD.

Dialogue Lists
DIALOGUE LISTS are a verbatim record of all the spoken dialogue. This list is primarily used for dubbing purposes when translating movies into different languages. Each list includes the name of the character and all spoken dialogue.  CLICK ON SAMPLE A
Combined Continuity Spotting List  - CCSL
Care a delivery requirement provided by production companies and given to the studio. It is the most time consuming list to produce because it contains a shot by shot description of every scene or shot in a film or television program. The actors’ name and placement in every shot is included ontinuity lists 
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Formats and Rates

Formats change regularly and are often specific for each client. If the format you need is not shown here, just give us a sample, and we will match it! 

For more information and to get a CCSL price quote, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (747) 444-0997. 

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CAPTIONS are titles designed for the deaf and hard of hearing. In addition to the actor's dialogue, captions include notations for sound effects, music and other background noises when these elements are important to the on-screen action. There are two kinds of captioning. Closed and open. Closed captioning allows for captions to be displayed only when desired. Open captions are a permanent part of the picture and cannot be turned off.   

Closed Captioning 

Additional Services

* Video Production
* Music Cue Sheets
* Transcription
* Translation

CONTINUITY LISTS are a delivery requirement provided by production companies and given to the studio. They are the most time consuming lists to produce because they contain a shot by shot description of every scene or shot in a film. The actors’ name and location onscreen is listed in every shot. 
(CCSL) is a single document that contains information from both the dialogue list and the spotting list. Descriptions of major scene changes are provided and both lists are presented next to each other for cross referencing purposes. It is sometimes
also called a CCDL (Combined Continuity Dialogue List)  CLICK ON SAMPLE B

As Broadcast Scripts
AS BROADCAST SCRIPTS include camera shots, verbatim dialogue, and scene descriptions. It is created to match the final edited version of a film or television program.There are a variety of different formats that can be used for editing, dubbing, subtitling and foreign language translations. CLICK ON SAMPLE C

ENCODING is the process of inserting the caption data into the television signal on a variety of tape or digital formats including High Definition.